Registered BAS Agent

Registered BAS Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board

Look no further! Here at MBooks, we have the Registered BAS Agent you need to get your BAS Lodgement done in a timely and accurate manner.

It is very important to use a BAS Agent to lodge your Business Activity Statement. Their Insurance protects you from any mistakes they make. They get extra time to lodge a BAS. They must meet various requirements from the Tax Practitioners Board to become one, and to maintain their registration.
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Now, in addition to that, having your BAS compiled and lodged is an effective way of having a checkup of where your business is at.
Once you have that information, you can make informed decisions as to what to do in your business.
By having an experienced BAS Agent working on your Business Activity Statement, you are getting a powerful tool you can leverage to get your business away from being ordinary to being extraordinary.

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MBooks is a Registered BAS Agent

As a registered BAS agent we follow a Code of Conduct so you always get the highest quality service.

Minimum BAS agent requirements

A bookkeeper must meet certain high standards to become a Registered BAS Agent:

Professional Code of Conduct

Most importantly, breaches can mean huge fines or loss of registration. To ensure you are protected, the code covers the following areas:R


A minimum of a Cert IV in Financial Services (Bookkeeping or Accounting).R


1,400 hours of supervised experience lodging BAS during the past four years.R

Professional Membership

Membership with at least one professional bookkeeping or accounting body is recommended.R

Professional Development

Maintaining knowledge and skills, taking relevant courses and keeping up to date with legislation.R


Maintaining professional indemnity insurance to compensate clients in the event of loss due to an act, error or omission provided by a BAS Agent.R

Honesty and Integrity

Acting honestly, complying with tax laws, and dealing with money in a trustworthy manner.R

Conflict of Interest

Acting in the best interest of clients and managing conflicts of interest.R


Not disclosing information to a third party without the client’s permission or legal duty to do so.R


Taking reasonable care to ascertain client state of affairs and correctly apply GST and taxation laws.R


Timeliness, professional indemnity insurance, and correct administration of laws.

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Being a Registered BAS Agent is important to us.

Actually, BAS (Business Activity Statements) are important to us!

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